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Changzhou Kaide New Material Technology Co., Ltd
Changzhou Kaide New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.was established on May 19,2017.Legal representative Deng Zihui,the company's business scope includes:research and development of high-performance membrane materials;Manufacture and processing of polyethylene(PE)plastic film,plastic packaging bags and electrical accessories;Sales of plastic particles,metal materials,textile materials and needle textiles;Self-supporting and acting for import and export business of various commodities and technologies(except commodities and technologies that are restricted by enterprises or prohibited from import and export by the state),etc.
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Adhering to the business philosophy of environmental protection, energy saving, high quality and high efficiency, and with the aim of "providing customers with satisfactory products and services", the company continuously introduces more suitable products, provides high-quality solutions for customers' products, and makes products more perfect and customers more satisfied.

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Make the most satisfactory throttling device for customers

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Make the best quality products,
Do the most honest service。

Development goals

“Create a first class industry”

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