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  "keen innovation,recognition and encouragement,win-win cooperation and giving back to the society"
  "Sharp innovation":refers to the"bee"keen sense of market and scientific research in the strategic transition period,grasping market opportunities,controlling high-end technologies,leading development through innovation,and achieving breakthroughs in new products and new fields;
  "Recognition and encouragement"makes every employee have a sense of mission,a sense of identity with the company,and gives full play to the enthusiasm and potential of employees,thus making the work more efficient and realizing people-oriented sustainable development.
  "Win-win cooperation"means that employees respect differences,support diversity,support each other and grow together.Business to business,Mutual cooperation,Seek common development.
  "Give back to the society",run the enterprise with sincerity,give back to the society with love,and take social responsibility bravely.
  Enterprise Mission:Be brave in innovative materials and push for social development.
  "Brave innovative materials and push for social development."Clarify the industrial direction pursued by the company.The new enterprise mission not only clarifies the industrial direction,but also reflects the sense of social responsibility and the enterprise quality of"great virtue"in the core concept.Not only does the company's research and development products have the characteristics of innovation,but it also reflects Kaide's feedback to the society.
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