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  The company has nine advanced three-layer co-extrusion automatic film blowing machines,and several ordinary single-layer film blowing machines,with an annual output of more than 15,000 tons.Company's main products:all kinds of PE packaging films,composite substrate films,protective film substrates and functional films(release film,carrier film,medical anti-adhesion film,permanent antistatic film,transverse and longitudinal tear film,halogen-free flame retardant film,anti-aging film,conductive film,3D wall sticking film).Our products have complete specifications,with a maximum width of 2500mm and a thickness of 0.02mm to 0.35 mm.The company also has several professional bag making machines,which can produce flat pocket,continuous roll bags,square bottom bags and so on.At the same time,it is equipped with several printing compound lines to provide printing compound processing of various films.
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